When should you say “yes” to cold Linkedin requests?


Do you give out your contact details to complete strangers on the street, just because they ask for them? If the answer is “yes” then you might want to re-evaluate your life choices. As well as the neighborhoods you hang out in.

However, if you said “no”, let me follow one question with another: Why do you do it on Linkedin?
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Was Amazon’s “Twitter” media release genius – or nonsense?

Amazon Screenshot

PR professionals continue to debate the future of the humble media release. Some have even questioned whether there’s a place for them at all, particularly in the digital age when companies now have a direct line to consumers via social media. Why bother with a wire distribution at all?

But, for publicly traded companies in particular, the media release still plays an important role in communicating company news. The format is usually pretty standard; an opening paragraph which sums-up what’s happened, a few bullet points of key messages and a quote from a company executive.

So, Amazon’s recent ‘The New Kindle Fires in 14 Tweets” media release took me a little by surprise.

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Six digital tools for PR pros to stay on top of the news

Old News - canon rebel t2i

As a PR professional, whether in-house or agency side, it’s your responsibility to stay on top of the headlines affecting your company or clients. Nothing is worse than coming into the office in the morning and murmuring an embarrassed “erm…I’m not sure” when someone asks your opinion on a story you’ve totally missed – particularly if that someone is the CEO.

In days gone by, listening to the morning news on the radio and scanning one or two national newspapers would have sufficed. But in the digital era, there are masses of sources and stories appearing and being updated on a minute-by-minute basis. So how does the modern PR pro stay on top of the very latest, without spending hours trawling the web? Here are some of the tools I use every single day.
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REVIEW: I already believe a man can fly. When Man of Steel 2 lands, I just want to believe

Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

In 1978 we were made to believe that a man could fly. Today, in 2013, we usually believe pretty much anything thanks to the huge leaps Hollywood SFX teams have made since the first Superman movie hit our screens. So it was with a Kryptonian-sized slice of irony that I left the latest incarnation, Man of Steel, craving something a little more…grounded.

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Fifteen years after Birkdale, Rose delivers the ultimate Father’s Day gift

RoseThe British Open. July, 1998. The Spice Girls were number one in the UK singles charts, US president Bill Clinton had “not just had sexual relations” with an intern, Tiger Woods was still a young kid with plenty to prove – and a 17-year-old amateur was about to capture the hearts of a nation.

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Taco Bell was ready for a fight, but it went to the wrong battlefield

Image from Mashable

Image from Mashable

Ah, Taco Bell. The quick service restaurant chain is currently recovering from a social media crisis after one of its employees was photographed licking a stack of taco shells, with the image soon ending-up on Facebook. Like they all do.

The food industry is particularly susceptible to this kind of thing. One person’s prank is another’s social media meltdown. And this was no exception.

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The TV ads which scared kids sensible









The UK in the 1980s was a scary place to grow-up. Take it from me. There were things like football hooligans, the Falklands War, a collapsing economy and Kevin Keegan’s perm. And if we thought we could take refuge in children’s television, we were wrong. Horrifyingly wrong, because the public information commercials were waiting for us.

That’s right – short films that, in any normal circumstance, would have been given an R rating and shown after 10pm at night, not after Crackerjack like these bastards. The aim was to terrify us into staying safe. They were videos which explained that death stalked us at every corner.
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Marketers hit a home run with Vine

A few weeks ago I asked whether mobile video-making app Vine was the next big thing or a short-lived novelty. As it’s still just a few months old, it’s still impossible to definitively answer that question.

However, big brands are certainly hedging their bets by incorporating the six-second GIF-maker into their marketing strategies, with two high-profile examples coming to the fore recently.

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LinkedIn: No longer the unfashionable one at the social media party

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

The professional networking website LinkedIn has always been looked upon unfairly as the unfashionable guy at the social media party. He’s the older, less trendy one who prefers suits and BlackBerries to hoodies and iPhones. Or is he?

LinkedIn recently surpassed 200 million members. Yes, that’s a fair way short of Facebook’s one billion users, but it looks set to continue its growth – and financial analysts have it down as the social network which investors would be well advised to pay attention to. Indeed, its 2011 IPO surpassed all expectations and the price of shares continues to rise, anchored by LinkedIn’s premium subscription model which generates revenue as well as providing that ever elusive “sticky growth” that online companies crave to sustain their business models.

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